Pre-Writing Skill and Literacy

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Pre-Writing Skill and Literacy

Pre-Writing Activity

Pre-writting skills and literacy

What are Pre-Writing Skills?Pre-Writing Skills refers to hand strength and other skills. Hand skills are the stregth and dexterity that we have in our hands. This relates to how we can hold and manipulate objects, include small objects. Not only do we rely on the muscles in our hands, but also in our forarms. There are many activites that require the use of both like using scissors. Helping children to develop hand skills and pre-writting skills will help prepare them for Writting. Pre-writting and hand skills activites can help older children who are having difficulty with writting.

Hand Skills and Pre-Writing Activites1. make letter, shapes and numbers- Use play doh, shaving cream, sand, finger paint. 2. Play letter and shape recongition games.3. Use small tongs to pick up cotton balls, pom-poms,and other small objects. 4. Lace large beads with strings or use lacing cards.

It is often that children are provided with writing tools, long before they are actually ready to write.

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