Pre-School Years Ages

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Pre-School Years Ages

Preschool ActivityHave students pull large plasic letters from a bag (say the letter). Place the letters on a mat spelling out their name (matching the letters), then have student sing the letters in their name to the tune of B-I-N-G-O. For those students that are writing, have them write out the letters to their name.

Milestones3 to 4* Understand concepts like grouping and matching* Identify parts of a whole* Seek information through WHY and HOW questions4 to 5* Understand order* Tell their address(PBS, 2015)

Milestones3 to 4* Follows simple directions* Begin dramatic play* Enjoy parallel play* Defend their possessions 4 to 5* Develop friendships (Boyse, 2013)* Develops empathy* Becomes better problem-solvers

Social & EmotionalDevelopment

Preschool DevelopmentAges 3-6

Cognative Development


FactsAges 3 to 6* Plays with both boys and girls but prefere the same sex* 4 and 5 year olds like to mimic adults (Boyse, 2013)* Prechoolers develops understanding of why people are happy, sad and/or angry. (Feldman, 2012)

ReferencesBoyse, K. (2013). Developmental MilestonesRetreved July 27, 2015, from, R .S. (2012) Child Development. (6th Edition. Boston), MA. PearsonPBS. (2015). The ABC's of Child Development. Developmental Milestones For Your Child's First Five YearsRetreved July 29, 2015, from

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Milestones3 to 4* Balance on one foot* Throw and catch a ball* Ride Tricycle4 to 5* Walk backwards heal to toe*Hop on one foot (Boyse, 2013)* Alternating feet walking up stairs(PBS, 2015)

Facts* Between the ages of 4 & 5 children begain grasping the idea that boys remain boys and girls remain girls, (a boy putting on a dress doesn't turn him into a girl or a girl cutting her hair short doesn't turn her into a boy).* Preschoolers have dificulties distinguishing the difference between reality and fantasy(Feldman, 2012)

Facts * Boys have more muscle strenght then girls* girls have more hand and eye cordnation than boys* Boys spend more time playing rough while girls spend more time roll playing* 3 year olds play just to keep active * Older preschoolers play with a purpose. (Feldman, 2012)


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