Pre-School Lesson 56 (4-6)

by UtkijGadenoK
Last updated 3 years ago

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Pre-School Lesson 56 (4-6)

Lesson 56 (4-6)

1. Hello, A!

2.ABC snake

3.ABC song

5.Video Episode 4

Before watching the video, revise food vocabulary (chicken, bread, eggs, cheese, apples, bananas, jelly, peas)

4.Do you like broccoli?

Before the Song time, practise "I've got a ..." "I like ..." I don't like..." "Do you like...?" and "I'm hungry!"

Before the Film time, practise "I'm hungry!" "Look at..." I can see a/an..."

Before the Real time, practise "Have we got any..." "Who/What are they?" "They're eggs"

6.The Eensey Wensey Spider

7.Sounds of the ABC

8.Goodbye, A!



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