Pre-historic Native Americans

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Pre-historic Native Americans

PreHistoric Native Americans

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Palleo people Hunted anamals that are extinct today they followed theirprey. They ate wild fruit and vegetables. Stones shaped into spear heads and tools. Crossed across the prembiam land bridge. moved around in groups of 20 people. Atlatl is a sling like device used to throw spears. Shelter usely in cave

WoodlandLasted about 2000 years. not as nomadic. Built villages that were meant to last. Developed agriculture.

Archaic periodHunted smaller animals such as deer and rabbits. To make it easyer they burned down trees to attract the animals so they can hunt them. Ate nuts and shell fish left large piles of nuts and shells. Made poetry still nomadic travel seasonally 4 times a year. Plant crop and food early stage of horticulture.

Mississippian periodStarted to grow livestock. Build permanent villages with a outer wall called the palisade. Houses were usely made from wood and clay. Tribes grew larger in this period

Woodland periodBegan around 10000 b.c. And lasted some two thousand years .not as nomadic. they built villages with houses ment to last. They also developed agriculture. Cleared fields and planted corn and beans. Invented the bow and arrow.


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