Pre-Game Rituals of Football

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Pre-Game Rituals of Football


A ritual is an established or prescribed procedure for a religious or other rite.

What's a ritual?

Cristiano Ronaldo entering to the football pitch

Keylor Navas praying in the goal before the match

Laurent Blanc kissing Fabien Barthez's head

John Terry always sits in the same place onthe bus listening to the same music disc and three wraps of tape occurs around the middle .

Messi always the last to leave the field , as happens to Cristiano Ronaldo. But Messi is more exaggerated than the attitude of Cristiano because he leaves a few meters from his last companion and himself.

Victor Valdes raises his fists and goes back to his goal to play with his fingers on the crossbar .

Veron suffered an injury that forced him to have his right knee taped every game. While continued treatment, the Argentine midfielder enjoyed a great moment in his career and so never stopped using this strange amulet.