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Purpose of Pre-Assessment instructional planningAssess student readiness/starting point for instructionidentify misconceptions and info gapstarget instructional starting point beginning mastery approaching mastery masterydesign appropriate activitiesinstructional groupings/materials


Indicators of quality pre-assessmentstargets critical KUD's of the instructional unitis an appropriate measure of learning outcomes (related to KUD's)does not take majority portion of instructional blockorganized in a logical fashion items by topic sequentially follows unit plan least complex to most complex conceptGuides instruction does not "judge" students

Types of Pre-AssessmentsAnticipation GuidesConcept MapsKWL chartsDrawing or diagram of conceptEntrance cardsurvey/interview/questionairreOpen ended questioningTraditional test or quizWriting promptYes/No cardsQuick WritesWord Splash (vocab)students use unit vocab demo meaning

3 weeks into unit..."so....what isagriculture?"

What do I know about my students now?What don't I know about the content knowledge, critical thinking skills or skills of my students?

KEY POINTSMust know the essential KUD's for the unitAssessment measures critical outcomes (performance/complexity)Serves as important information for unit planningDifferentiate (simplify language/administration/design)

"What pre-requisite skills or knowledge do they need/do they have it?"



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