[2014] Peyton Miller (2020Class): Praying Mantis

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[2014] Peyton Miller (2020Class): Praying Mantis

Stages of a Praying MantisEggs: This stage occurs just before winter. The adult female lays about 100 to 400 eggs after fertilization.Nymphs: The hatched nymphs usually stays around the egg casing for a while. It's during this period that the mantis try to feed on each other. Adolescents: Adolescent mantis are larger in size than nymphs. They shed their exoskeletons occasionally, a feature that differentiates them from adult mantises. Adult: Full-grown mantises are normally between 1 to 6 inches in length, and are different in size depending on the species.


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Praying Mantis

Facts: ~ Most praying mantids live in the tropics~ Most praying matids that we see in the U.S. are exotic species~ Praying mantids are unique because they can turn their head a full 180 degrees~ Female mantids sometimes eat their mates Praying Mantis Videos~ Praying matids do prey on other insects ~ Praying mantids have binocular vision~ Praying mantids only have one ear

What Praying Mantis Eat Diverse Range of Insects~ Grasshoppers~ Flies~ Mosquitoes~ Butterflies~ Bees~ Beetles~ Dragonflies Larger Animals~ Small frogs~ Rodents~ Lizzards~ Birds

Camouflage~ Some praying mantis are born to blend in with the trees or tree branches.~Some are born to blend in with the ground floor like grass, sand, or soil.~ They mostly only use their camouflage when needed like when they are threatened or to avoid predators.

By Peyton Miller

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