Prairie dogs

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Prairie dogs

Introduction paragraphDid you know that prairie dogs are loving, playful, careful,and brave. Also there are different types of sections I will be talking about.

DESCRIPTIONThese charismatic,rabbit-sized rodents live in North America's prairies.

prairie dog range

HOMEPrairie dogs live in underground burrows, which are tunels an cambers.Other animals that might be found in the prairie dog's burrow includes, snakes, burrowing owls, and black footed ferets, which hunt prairie dogs. Prairie dogs spend a great amount of time building and rebuilding their burrows.

HOMEPrairie dogs dont let other animals in their burrows.The burrows also have listening posts near the exits so the prairie dogs can listen for the preditors outside.

FAMILYThe family group cooperate to share food.A family consist of a male, a few females, and their young.Family groups chase off other prairie dogs that come in their burrow.

BLACK TAILED PRARIE DOGSThe largest recorded prairie dog town was 25,000 square miles and containing 400,000,000 prairie dogs.Black tailed prairie dogs are the best known of the prairie dogs. They live in communities called towns with up to 100 prairie dogs.

PLAYFULYoung prairie pups are very playful.

CONCLUSIONSo now that you know a little bit about prairie dogs, if you find one you can now study them for more information on what they do, where they live, what they eat, and how they help.


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