Prairie Dogs

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Prairie Dogs

All About Prairie Dogs

1.Is your topic an animal or plant?What basic things does it need to survive?

My topic is on an animal called a prairie dog.A prairie dog needs to survive with food,water,shelter,warmth,space,and air.

2.Where does it live?

By:Ralph Molina

3.What does it look like?How big or small is it?

Prairie dogs are light brown, burrowing rodents. Prairie dogs are a type of a ground squirrel and they are about the same size as a rabbit.

Prairie dogs live on North America's prairies and open grasslands.prairie dogs live in underground burrows,extensive warrens of tunnelsand chambersmarked by mamy mounds of packed earth at their surface entrances.

4.Is it a producer or a consumer?If it is a plant ,how does it produce produce its own food and energy?If it is an animal what and how does it eat its own food?Is it a carnivore,herbivore or omnivore?

A prairie dog is a consumer and it eats leaves, grasses,grass roots,weeds seeds, bugs and plants including crops.Prairie dogs are omnivores.

5. Does it have any enemies? What does it have for protection, if anything? If it is an animal,is it a predator or a prey?

Predators of the prairie dog include coyotes, bobcats, badgers, black-footed ferrets, golden eagles, and prairie falcons. Prairie dogs protect themselves with loud warnings (barks) that alert other town members of impeding danger. These barks are specific to the predator. The prairie dog is both predator and prey because he is food to other animals and he also hunts food as well.

6. Is the species threatened or endangered? If yes, why?

No, the prairie dogs are not endangered or threatened.

7. How does the plant or animal reproduce? If it is an animal, does it give birth to live babies or lay eggs?

Prairie dogs give birth to live pups. Prairie dogs don't lay eggs, but give live birth because they are mammals.


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