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Social Studies

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P r a g u e

I like this city because there are a lot of old buildings for example:National Theatre, Castle on Hradčan' s, st Vitus cathedral & other monumentaly buildings.My favourite is the miniEiffel Tower.

Prague is a city incenter of the Czech Republic. Prague' s got a population of about two milions people.Prague' s got 22 neighbourhoods.Across Prague flow the Vltava river.There is a lot of tourism. On holidays there are much people of different countries.

Prague is 500 kilometres from Brzoza.It's about 9 hours onthe car. There aren'tany bus,but there area loads of trams. Ifyou late,you wait 5minutes for next tram.In Prague there are 3lines of subway:A,B & C.Every subwayb station is other.There aren'tany the same station


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