PPL3O Target Games

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PPL3O Target Games

Target games require a high degree of skill. Players are challenged to make good decisions when planning their shots. Points are scored by sending an object away with accuracy towards a target. In target games such as archery, bowling, minature golf, and disc golf players do not attempt to prevent their opponents from scoring. In target games such as curling, bocce, and croquet, straegic play is important. Players can prevent the other team from scoring by setting up guards that protect previous shots or by knocking away opponent's objects that are close to the target.


Objective: Using a bow to send an arrow to the bull's eye (middle) of a target.View this historical video footage of women in sport!

What safety considerations exist when participating in archery?


Disc Golf

Minature Golf

Objective: Using a putter to send a golf ball to the hole on the green in as few strokes possible.Tactical Problems:*Hitting for distance.*Hitting the ball in the proper direction.*Reducing the number of strokes.

Ten Pin Bowling

Objective: To send a bowling ball down the lane to knock down all the pins.Tactical Problems:*Rolling the ball in the intended direction.*Attaining proper pin action.*Adjusting for lane conditions.

Identify three different types of throws. Describe a situation in disc golf when it would be beneficial to use each type of throw.

Where is the best place to strike the pins to knock them down with one roll?How is shooting for a spare different from shooting for a strike?

What stance, grip, and body position worked best?Were you able to hit the ball straight most of the time?

Accuracy & Consistency

Target Games

Objective: To send a frisbee to the target in as few throws as possible.Tactical Problems:*Throwing for distance*Throwing the frisbee in the intended direction.*Reducing the number of throws.

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