Power Crunch

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Power Crunch

Target Market•Who is the product designed for and why?•What is the age bracket of your target market?•What is the gender of your target market?Product Decisions•What design features should the energy bar wrapper have and why?•What size bar does the product come in and why?•What would you name the energy bar and why?•Who is your main competitor?

Place Decisions•Where will your customers buy their energy bar and why?•What part of the country will your product be sold and why?Price Decisions•Suggest a retail price and size(s) for the new energy bar.•Why did you choose the above price(s)? (Consider cost of the ingredients, competition, and the desired profit you want to make).

Ingredients:3 cups of oats. 1 cup of slivered almonds 1/3 of nuts1/2 of coconut1/2 of cranberries1/2 of chocolate chip1/3 of chia seed1 cup of cherius1/2 cup of natural honey1 cup of honey1/2 cup of coconut oil

Promotion Decisions•In what media should you advertise the product and why?•Create a commercial, and main theme or slogan.•Who will be your celebrity spokesperson and why did you select that person?

Power Crunch

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Final product

If you want power,eat a crunch


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