[2015] allison stirewalt: Powell Butte Oregon

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[2015] allison stirewalt: Powell Butte Oregon

PowellButte Oregon

THe 5 themes

The push that made me want to move was Mrs. Bowers said so. The pull was, that I wanted to work in at a bigger hospital when I'm older but I also wanted to live in a small town with enough land to continue my small herd of cows. So I decided Powell Butte was for me because I could live on my grandpas 80 acres and drive to Bend to work at St. Charels.

Place: Powell Butte is an extinct volcanic cinder butte and the famouse Smith Rock is also located there.

Region: Powell Butte is surronded by the Cascade Mountains.

Human-Environment Interaction: The land provides water from the Cascade Moutains and the people use it to irragate the crops and soil.

Movement: My push or pull theory above.

exact location: latitude 121.0185 degrees N longitude 44.2476 degrees W

relaive location: Powell Butte is centarlly located.

By Allison Stirewalt

Mt. Bachelor is located in Powell Butte OR and is very popular for skying and snow boarding.

Although Powell Butte is a unincorporated community it still has a post office.


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