Poverty Line

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Poverty Line

The United States has a well stabled economy than Turkey. We get more money, have a lot of jobs, and have more oppertunities that we take for granet. The more moeny a countrry has, the more products and food they can give to the people and poor. Turkey, right now, is having such a difficult time becuse of all the new people coming in that their economy is plumiting. We also have a lot of programs to help the needy but they don't. Money is what a country needs to thrive and help its people. Without money, the country and its people will fall apart.

Lives Below The Poverty Line

Turkey went from one of the highest economies to the third poorest developed nation in the world. Since more people are coming from Iran, the government needs to build homes bt at the same time feed the poor. The population rises 2.1% every year. There isn't many jobs people can get for money, so they end up poor and unernourished. The economy will rise next year, but they are still struggling to keep the moeny there.

World hunger will always be around and will never end. It is our job to help our allies through rough times economic wise or socially. The U.S. has better technology, medical care, amount of money, and jobs than Turkey. Buying a house in Turkey is way cheaper than in the United States. They dont really have a lot of things in common , but im glad I live in the U.S.


United States of America


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