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Poverty KM CB

More people are in poverty then ever before.

Poverty in America


People in poverty don't have money, jobs, a proper home, food, or water.

Poverty in America


Dear all powerful and everlasting God, I have a request. 37,000,000 people are in poverty. Something can be done! Changes can be made! God help us make a difference in peoples lives. God please help the world become a better and healither place for everyone.Amen.


Tent City


A lot of people are in poverty. They're starving and they're hungrey.They need food so they can eat.Something healithy, but not too sweet. So do your part and help them now.Donate food so their bellies won't growl.It's the right thing you should do.They'll feel good and so will you!

Dear President Barack Obama, I have a request. My request is that you help with poverty. 37,000,000 parents and children are in poverty. America needs your help. We need your help to spread the word about poverty and help us decrease it. Help people in poverty have a better life. It's up to us to put an end to povety. So please help families that are in need of your help.



"Opening our Doors to Christ" relates to helping thiose in poverty because you need to have an open mind and heart to help those in need. Opening is sharing the things you have with others. By bringing the poor into our lives to feed and protect them shows kindness. When we let Christ into our hearts, we feel fulfilled with love. By helping the poor we can also make our hearts full, knowing that we shared our love with others. Just as God has accepted all of us for who we are, we need to accept all kinds of people, too.

Opening our doors to Christ means to open our hearts to everyone. No-matter what shape, size, or color. We are to except them into our hearts. Poverty is when people lose their jobs, money, or homes. This means they can't afford food, rent, and/or water. Opening our doors to Christ relates to poverty because we are called to open our doors to people in poverty. Since they don't a home, food, money, and/or water, they prayer to God to help them have a better life 24-7. Helping them by donating a lunch can make their day.

Celine Brown

11-17-11, 6B

Kylie McMahon


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