Poverty in South Africa

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Poverty in South Africa

Water Project

Peter Chasse started the water project in 2006 and is still continuing with the project and hopes to have many more successful years.

Peter Chasse-president/founder.Stan Patyrak-VP of strategy/development.Crissie Ferrara-wash program(water/sanitation).Tess Crick- fundraising and outreach.Michael Ballou- board treasurer,operations/church.Lisa McAllister-communications/reporting.Lelia Murenz- development associate.Rob Hudiburg- board member.David Myers-board chair.

Water project staff

Area-1.22 million square meters.Population-53,532,105 million.People in Poverty-22milion.people in extreme Poverty-12 million.Malaria-Kills 881,000 people every year, 85% are children under 5.


Poverty In South Africa

Their goal is to bring clean water and sustainable water supplies within 1km of a village.

What their doing to help poverty


In the future poverty will be extinct, and everyone will have clean water and enough food to survive.

Peter Chasse Founder of the water project

Water Project Video

Our Prediction


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