Poverty in Asia

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Poverty in Asia

Central Asia and West Asia went from 21.51% in 2005 too 16.43% in 2008East Asia went from 15.93% in 2005 too 9.225% in 2008South Asia went from 42.48% in 2005 too 38.08% in 2008Southeast Asia 18.81% in 2005 too 14.37% in 2008

Many countries are starting to raise their people out of poverty. Many developed countries are investing some of their money on developing and underdeveloped countires like China and India. The United Kingdome gives around 320 million dollars to India in direct aid. However, the United Kingdom is planning on terminating the finical aid by 2015, which could hurt India, however Indian commenters say that India can do fine with out the "Fincial Aid". China booming economy has pulled a significant amount of people out of poverty. China’s GDP has doubled its 2009 of 3,749. This is good because China has to provide for more then one billion people. Many countries are making plans to improve their economy, however it is up too us push them along.


Poverty In Asia

Poverty is one of the biggest problems that the world is facing. Asia ia a major contributor to this problem. Asian countries have the largest populations in the world. India and China both have populations over 1 billion. Porviding jobs and food for this enormous population is un-realistic, and while the government struggles to fiix the economy the percentage of people that do not have a job will be forced into poverty. Southern Asia is like the time square of poverty meaning, more then 1\2 of the 2/3 of the poverty is located in Southern Asia. India and china both have increasing populations. The increasing populations and the fewer jobs are letting poverty consume more and more people. India has failed too use its big population as an asset. A high population means a larger work force. However, a if a Country fails too use the population as an asset, most of the population will be forced into poverty because the lack of jobs. Central Asia economy is circled around agriculture. However many big industrial companies are taking over the land and are forcing the farmers into poverty. In addition, China is slowly cutting down the farm sizes of small farmers. Poverty is a major problem and if action is not taken many people will be forced into poor living conditions.

Poverty Change in Asia


Public service announcement

Asia has a very distinctive Historical Overview and Geography. Southern Asia was taken over by England in the late 1800s. Before the colonization of India, England use to trade with empires in India for their spices and other natural resources. England however, took over India and abused the land. European countries never ruled countries like china. However, China was ruled by series of dictators, which means they never had a stable government. Many harsh dictators ruled china, however the one that stands over all is Mao Tse-Tung. Mao Tse-Tung was responsible for over 20 million deaths.


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