Poverty in America By:NK and DD

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Poverty in America By:NK and DD


By:Nicholas Kinzhuber and Derek Dufoe 11/14/11

O Lord please bless all of the homeless people.we ask to be treated as equals both rich and poor.give them strength to fight illness. To live for a purpose, to care for their children. Different races should be treated as equals. That is what God created us for.To treat us equality. lord in our mercy amen.

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Opening Our Doors to Christ is our school theme. Our school theme relates to poverty by that it can mean open our hearts to everyone. If no one heard our theme, a lot more people would be in poverty. Our school theme will remind everyone to pitch in and help. I love our school theme and hope their is an even better one next year.There is going to be no one in poverty if they hear our school theme.

Dear President Obama, Many people are in poverty in the USA. I think we should start more food drives, and they should let the poor have jobs. I can't stand to think of how many people are poor in the USA. It makes me sad. We should put some thought into this, and make it work. Thank you. From, Derek Dufoe

Dear president Obamaplease help those in poverty.All of the homeless people.Everyone who its hard for them to live in tents.Please donate some of your moneyto those in poverty.Help everyoneto find a job or help everyone who is a of a different race.Please gove them food for them to because they are straving and living in tents with little water and chothes. Thank you from nicholas kinzhuber.

I think our theme ties into povery becasue we should always help people when we can.It also ties into our theme that we should give people old chothes that we dont need anymore. Or give food to those who dont have any.Or visit people and give them surrport.Or give them a place to stay for the night.



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