Poverty, Culture and Giftedness

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Poverty, Culture and Giftedness

The gifted can be found in every culture, race and language.

English Second Langauge (ESL) students are most underrepresented group in Gifted Education. Educators rarely nominate ESL students for placement testing because the image they have for a Gifted learner does fit the educator's preconceived notion of what being Gifted looks like. ESL students have trouble with standardized testing due to language.ESL students can communicate everyday language but have problems with Academic Language. Educators need to understand the difference between the two forms of communication.

Students many fail standardized gifted placement tests because their families do not have the resources to exploit their children's gifted abilities and intrest before they enter school.Educators need to find other ways to evaluate this population for Gifted programming.

Low Income Families

Poverty, Culture and Giftednessby Allison BruningPhD in Education Candidate

Gifted have two cultures: Their own cultural group and the Gifted community. The Gifted community has their own morals, traditions, expectations and language.Parents will often deny their children entry into gifted programs because they have misconceptions about the Gifted commuunity.


Students construct their own understanding of knowledge by building upon their past experiences and prior knowledge. Educators need to understand their gifted students in order to help them help them construct meaning with academic subjects.Every student has a different view of life depending upon their circumstances and experiences.

Learning communities (aka: nodes) transmit and receive new information via a network. Information is adapted to fit the needs of the network. Knowledge acquistion is dependent upon how diverse a person's network is. Knowledge had dual purpose: to meet the communal and individual needs in order to complete any given project.Low - Income and ESL Gifted students may have a limited supply of nodes. It is important for educators to enhance the students' networks.Gifted students need to have access to specialized nodes of their interest so their abilities can be enhanced.

Constructivism in the Gifted Classroom

Connectivism in theGifted Classroom

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