Poverty and Hunger

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by Karmell
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Social Studies

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Poverty and Hunger

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Poverty & Hunger

Why is it important?Poverty is one of the biggest problems in the world, 1 out of 6 people in the USA a lone live in poverty. Living in poverty is the equivalent of living a wasted life, millions of people die from it every year.

What we can do to help.You can help by clicking on the link belowhttp://www.pciglobal.org/from there you can donate money to a family around the world that is going through poverty & help them get a better life. That money will provide food, shelter, education & many other things. Also you can volunteer for a fundations and help package items or bring in items of your own to give to the family's.

Living through poverty.People who live through poverty have to live the life that no one should deserve, let me give you some examples, imagine coming to a house made of bricks or clay with almost nothing in it & calling it home, no tv, no cellphone, no internet..nothingYou want to be a soccer player? to bad you cant afford to sign up. Your still hungery? that's the only meal your getting. They live through this every single day.

What is poverty?Poverty is the state of being extremly poor, such as not having enough money to met basic standereds like food, clouthing, shelter etc.. However money is'nt the only problem its not being able to see a doctor. or go to school and get an education, or participate in activites or sports that you would like to play. People who struggle through poverty most likely die from starvation or from being underweight.

Help end poverty!


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