Pots - outdoors game by eTwinning project

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Pots - outdoors game by eTwinning project

Potties -an outside game

Game participants stand in two rounds -inner and outer onesThe players from the outer circle are standing upright, and from the inner circle - sitting (they are potties).Who leads the game (a buyer) stops in front of one of the upright players and asks: 'Granny (or Granpa) are you selling your pot?'Requested answers: 'I give it, bet it, but never to you!'Both hit their hands and run outside the circle in opposite directions.The task of each runner is to go around the circle and to take first the vacant pot.Whoever is left without a pot, they go on the game (become a buyer), asking the next player the same question: 'Granny, are you selling your pot?" ....

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