Potassium (K)

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Potassium (K)


Video: Potassium Reactions

Peroidic Table of Elements

Bohr Model of Potassium

Basic Info about Potassium

HIstory & DiscoveryEngland 1807- When English chemist Sir Humphrey Davy used electrolysis on potash, which are plant ashes combined with water, he discovered potassium. Electrolysis is the process of using electric currents to decompose solutions. Using this process, Davy isolated the potassium within the potash.UsesAs a element potassium is hardly used because of its reactive nature. In some cases potassium is used as a heat exchange source for neuclear reactors. Although potassium has little use as an element, it has many uses as part of a compound. Potassium bisulfate is used as food preservatives, wine and beer making, bleaching textiles, and leather tanning. Fireworks, matches, and rocket fuel are all made from potassium nitrate. We all know fire extinguishers, but guess what inside of it. Potasium bicarbonate, a compound with potassium! There are many more compounds that is made with potassium. Alone potassium is hardly useful, but when mixed with other elements potassium is all around us.ExtractionPotassium is a solid. It is produced when potassium chloride mixes with sodium at high temperatures.

Hello! My name is Helen (P.1) and I am here to tell you all about potassium.

Fun FactsPotassium and sodium are very alike because of their chemical composition.Potassium is the first metal that is separated using electrolysis.Because of its low desity (.498oz/cubic in.), potassium can float on water.Like other alkali metals, potassium is highly reactive, espectially when combined with water. Because of its reactive nature, it has not been found as a free element on Earth. Potassium is the 8th most abundant element in the Earth's crust.

Element Name: PotassiumAtomic Symbol: KAtomic Number: 19Atomic Weight: 39.0983 (39.1)Group: #1Goup Name: Alkali MetalColor: Silvery White


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