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Human Anatomy

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Poster - Childbirth

1. The 3 Stages of Labor2. Natural Birth vs. Surgical Birth3. Medical Interventions

The Three Stages of Labor

Medical Interventions✔ Fetal Monitoring ; electronic instruments that track the baby's heart rate during labor - anoxia ; inadequate oxygen supply - breech position✔ Medication ; for a mother relax - analgesics ; relieve pain - anesthetics ; block sensation - epidural analgesia ; regional pain-relieving drug✔ Cesarean Delivery

Natural Birth - Home Delivery is handled by well trained midwives - Freestanding birth centers with great maternal control - Family-centered environment - 12 t0 14 hours with a first birth 4 to 6 hours with a second birth - A quick recovery after delivering - It is possible to interact with the baby immediately after delivery holding, smiling and breast-feeding. immediately after delivery - Babies' Apgar scores will be higher - It is recommended to participate in activities; Classes, Relaxation, Breathing techniques, Labor coach

Surgical Birth - lasting an average of 1 hour - It can save the lives of many babies in high-risk situations such as anoxia, breech position, and so on. - more time for recovery - Aftereffects following surgery ; Rh incompatibility, premature separation of the placenta from the uterus, serious maternal illness, infection

Childbirthby Irene17/10/14. Child Development1. ECE. MITT. Wendy Murphy


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