Postcards From Japan

by Famtastic
Last updated 7 years ago

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Social Studies

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Postcards From Japan

Hi Maddy, It's Faith. I'm having a great time in Japan! Peopl always talk about the samurai but they are even better in person! They are very kind and respectful. The shows at the Noh Theatre are amazing! The art's here are incredible! The Shinto believe that two gods formed the island of Japan, so they are very close to nature. You should see the Zen gardens! They are so beautiful! I heard that here they have many shifts in power. I don't know what each person was like but they must have done something right to make Japan the beautiful place it is! Be back soon, Faith Moreno

Hi Maddy, It's Faith again. I'm still in Japan, but I'll be back in a couple of days. It's been awesome here! You can look around and see how China infuenced Japan. I've learned a lot about the feudal system since I've been here. I've also learned that the Japanese used to be Buddhists but they then rejected it and many of them became Zen Buddhists. The Japanese liked it better because it was more personal. Almost home, Faith Moreno


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