Post WWII Japanese American Living

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Post WWII Japanese American Living

idea of Japanese Americans coming back and resettling in the area. Before the bombing of Pearl Harbor, Seattle was a very prosperous city for Japanese Americans even with the racial differences between the people (ibid). When the Japanese Americans returned to Seattle, they were greeted with either happiness or hatred. There was no inbetween, the white Americans were very adamant about their position in the return of the Japanese Americans.

Resettlement in SeattleAfter being released from their internment camps, most Japanese Americans attempted to go back to the lives they'd left behind (Speidel 5/16/14). However, some cities had very controversial ideas about the return of the people. For example, Seattle was both for and against the

Fitting Into Society AgainWhen Japanese Americans came home from the interment camps, they would find their homes to be vandalized or in lost to new owners (Post 5/21/14). During the war, non-Japanese people began to feel an immense dislike towards the Japanese people. Throughout the 1950s, many Japanese Americans faced housing and employment discrimination (ibid). They were forced to live in the some of the worst circumstances; boarding homes, trailer parks, and sharing homes with extended family. However, dispite all of the animosity from white Americans, the Japanese were able to raise their children with community activities, schooling, and with good values (ibid). Many Japanese Americans were not greeted back to their homes in good graces, in fact, many whites were quite rude and unhappy about their return (ibid).

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Post WWII Japanese American Living

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Finding FamilyUpon the release of Japanese Americans in 1946, many people were desperately trying to make contact with their families. Many Japanese Americans left letters in stores in hope that their family members would find them; one of these stores was the Higo Variety Store located in Seattle (Kemezis 5/22/14). The store became a sort of meeting place or post office for Japanese Americans who were searching for their family members. Many families in Seattle sent their letters there to find each other and the Higo Variety Store (originally called the Higo 10 Cent Store) (ibid). Popular stores like the Higo Variety Store were able to help give the whereabouts of many family members after the release of Japanese Americans in 1946 from internment camps.

Book ConnectionHotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet is very interesting connection with the lives of Japanese Americans post World War II. Firstly, Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet shows all of the things that were and have been taken away from the Japanese people during the war. It explains to the reader just how much the Japanese people had to suffer throughout the war. Afterwards, and towards the end of the book, the reader finds out that Keiko, one of the two main characters, moves to NewYork where she has settled down and created a life for herself after leaving the internment camp she was being held in.

By: Elizabeth BuiNoji, Period 2

The life of a Japanese American

Terry Janzen, WWII Survivor


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