Post-It Response Notes (Reading Strategies)

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Post-It Response Notes (Reading Strategies)

Post-it Response Notes

Reading Strategies

Post-it Response Notes~ Post-Its may be used during and after reading.~ Students use sticky notes to jot responses, flag important passages, show thinking strategies, ask questions, etc.~ Students refer to notes in discussion sessions.~ Students use multiple colors to distinquish responses.

Post-its help students construct, process, and question as they read

ReferencesDaniels, H., & Zemelman, S. (2004). Subjects matter: Every teacher's guide to content-area reading. Portsmouth, NH: Heinemann.Johnson, B. (2012, September 10). Tools for teaching: The amazing sticky note. Edutopia (Student Engagement). Retrieved from

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Why Use Post-It Response Notes?-Tracking reading is something all competent readers do, particularly when reading for information.-Students become aware of elements of the text and their responses to it. -Students feel like they "own" a text by establishing authority over the contents. The physical act of placing notes within the material gives the students ownership.-Critical thinking skills are developed by reading and responding in kind.

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How to Use Post-Its in the Classroom-Give students simple directions on what to look for in their reading.-Explain what to to write on their post-its

-Model how to use post-it notes to the class.-Provide students with different colors and sizes of post-its.-To assess post-its, have students write the page

number where they would attach the sticky note, and attach the post-its to a separate page with the student's name on it.

-Students comment on other student papers or work on sticky notes-Teachers use colored sticky notes for praise & disciplinary measures.-Students storyboard their writing with sticky notes

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-Organize folders, study cards, and notepapers-Analyze poetry, quotes or philosophies by placing responses on sticky notes-identify, label, or categorize items (maybe in a target language)

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