Positives/Negatives of Tech

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Positives/Negatives of Tech

Positive Factors of technology

Negative Factors Of technology

Students are able to use the internet for resources

students have access to limitless information on devices and do not have to be limited to a classroom.



Individuals are able to connect with the world over text message, social media, and other instant message applications. This has allowed for anyone to contribute their thoughts and ideas.

People are able to communicate over wireless  media


technology has made the completion of thousands of tasks take less time and effort

Daily activities like shopping, organizing and storing documents, listening to music, and accessing bank accounts have been to simple application and sites on the internet.

Social Skills

The use of technology and long-distance messaging has caused the need to talk to people face-to-face drop.

Instead of businesses men and women conversing over a meeting, they use Skype. Kids chat over text message instead of in person. Social skills have steadily decreased as communication moves from face to face to a screen.


Technology can be abused by scammers, pedophiles, and many other things that can put your information in danger.

Social security numbers, bank account information and even home addresses are at risk on the internet because of the lack of privacy of many large companies. Offenders like pedophiles and kidnappers are also a danger to children who are exposed to them.

Mental Health

Constant use of these devices can cause unhealthy amounts of sleep and can lead to addiction. Pressures from social media can lead to issues like depression and anorexia.

Mental problems caused by cellphones and other devices are slowly becoming more common.

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