Positive Niche Construction in a Jewish Education Setting

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Positive Niche Construction in a Jewish Education Setting

1. Introducing short, simple repetitive, large letters, with vowels, Hebrew texts.

2. Limit the amount of new vocabulary introduced in each unit, add a visual cue to a new word.

3. Pairing up with a strong reading peer for a mutual project: This is a picture of my Middle School students (6th grade) reading a Hebrew book they have created, based on a short poem we have learned. In each page there is a line from the book illustrated by the students. Each student was responsible for one page, together they have created the whole poem into a book.

5. Using pictures, images, and music in order to work with the strong brain functions of the dyslexic learner.

6.Creating letters,words and concepts of the Hebrew language in three dimensional form.

7. Use of technology, Hebrew apps, and recording a text into the computer and turn it into auditory text.

8. Use a Hebrew keyboard, ready made letters and letter games to form words and Hebrew sentences.

9. Use human resources such as one on one learning time with a Hebrew Morah.

10.Dyslexic learners has better oral and listening skills therefore, using apps in which a recorded voice turned into a written text can serve them better. VoiceThread can be a great tool in which the student can choose to record his voice when spelling for typing is challenging.

11. Include art based learning in order to benefit from highly developed art skills in dyslexic students. Working with art also allows ventilation time from reading and writing assignments. In the picture you can see the final work of my students in 5th grade. After learning few poems by Rinat Hoffer they have created art work inspired by the poet illustration in her book. Your text here

12. Project based learning which involves various strengths and intrapreneurship skills. This is an image of pictures created by 7th grade students inspired by an Israeli poem we have learned in the classroom.

4. Giving an opportunity for role play, acting out and drama. Especially can be used in conversational Hebrew. In the attached link you can see my students from 7th grade dramatizing a short book we have learned:

The principles for positive niche construction:*Concentrating and focusing on the strengths of the student.*Find successful role models in the student environment and in the larger cultural context.* Getting to know the student's world: their interests, their family and their friends in order to get a better picture of their strengths and their life. * Using assistive technologies and universal designed technologies.* Focusing on strengths based, future career aspirations

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Board 2:Positive Niche Construction in a Jewish Educational Setting

Creating a positive niche in the Hebrew class


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