Positive and Negative Lifestyle Choices

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Positive and Negative Lifestyle Choices

Positive and Negative Lifestyle Choices:

Healthy Eating:

Eating healthy has a lot of positive benefits for our bodies, and our weight. By eating the recommended serving amounts and absorbing the nutrients we need, we can lower our chances of getting chronic diseases and maintain a healthy weight.



Though low levels of stress can be beneficial to your lifestyle, excess levels of stress can cause harm and affect your lifestyle negatively. Emotional stress that is long-lasting can weaken the immune system and cause high blood pressure, fatigue depression, anxiety, or heart disease. To prevent this, it is important to allow yourself to relax from time to time, and avoid procrastinating or committing to more work than you can handle.

Having a healthy relationship with your family can provide a lot of positive benefits to your life. They can make children feel secure and loved, leading to the contribution of brain develop. They can help them overcome difficulties, and teach them the skills they need for the future.


Doing drugs is an extremely negative lifestyle choice; they are addictive, harmful for your health, and can have long-lasting effects. For example, ingesting marijuana can affect a person's memory and a decline in IQ. It is also addictive, which can eventually lead to financial problems.


Exercise is a positive lifestyle choice because it not only has health benefits but also improves your daily performance. It helps you maintain a healthy weight, makes you feel happy, contribute to muscle and bone development, reduce the chances of getting a chronic disease, and even improve skin health.

Negative Influence:

Being around negative influences if harmful to your lifestyle. With peer pressure being such a huge factor for people trying drugs, smoking, or drinking, it is important that the people you are surrounded by in your environment are positive. As a result of a positive environment, you will not be influenced negatively or peer pressured into making a negative lifestyle choice.


Having friends is an essential part of having a positive lifestyle. With them around you, they can increase your sense of belonging and purpose, boost your happiness and lessen your stress, help you with traumas, and even encourage you to stop making negative lifestyle choices.

Unhealthy Relationships:

Unhealthy relationships are a negative lifestyle to commit to. If someone has a boyfriend or girlfriend that takes advantage of them or abuses them, it's important to cut that person out of their life. The reason for this is because it affects their general well-being, may lead to constantly living in fear if the relationship is extremely unhealthy, or other mental problems.


Having a passion is a positive lifestyle choice because from that passion, one can create new friends, generally make you feel better about yourself, and also create the best version of yourself.

Lack of Sleep:

Lack of sleep is a negative lifestyle choice. By not getting enough sleep, it can disturb one's daily performance, and cause they to be annoyed and short-tempered. It can also cause headaches, and reduced productivity due to tiredness and wanting to sleep.


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