portugese empire 3B logan C

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portugese empire 3B logan C

>glory: Controlled the spice trade and all trades around the Indian ocean>Gold: found Brazilian gold and started to build big palaces>God: Tried to push all Muslims out of their land and promote Christianity.>the new republic government instituted sweeping democratic reforms and granted independence to the Portuguese African colonies in

Portugese empire navy

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•11 frigates and corvettes;•2 submarines;•2 offshore patrol vessel of the Viana do Castelo class (NPO 2000);•18 patrol vessels;•1 replenishment oiler;•3 training ships;•4 research vessels.

How did the increased use of weapons and military troops impact your empires expansion?

>Independence of Portuguese African overseas territories in Africa involved in the conflict after the Carnation revolution military

How did your empire use exploration and colonization practices to gain strength?

catholic empire with a pope who consolidated power through everything portugal already did

Portugese empire

How did your empire consolidate power?



How did local resistance, state rivalries, and competition over trade routes challenge your empires consolidation and expansion?

>The Treaty of Windsor in 1386 created an alliance between Portugal and England that remains in effect today.



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