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Temperate summers and wet, rainy winters.

-Christopher Columbus proposed his idea to sail to the Indies to the King of Portugual but was rejected. This voyage turned out to be the discovery of America. -Revolution in 1910 killed King Manuel I and his son- no more monarchy. -Joined the EU in 1986 to help aide their failing economy-Portugal is being considered for hosting either the 2018 or 2022 FIFA World Cup.

- In July 2013, a debt crisis broke out in Portugal, causing conflict between the countries of the EU.-Failure to resolve this crisis caused the Prime and Foreign Minister to resign from office.

Portugal is a country big on soccer, as shown by their participating in the World Cup. Cristiano Ronaldo is a famous soccer player from Portugal who competes for his country.

-Portugal is currently going through a debt crisis.-This debt crisis greatly effects the rest of the EU.

-59.4% of the economy is based off of services. 22.2% is based off of industry. -Free Market system.

Portugal is in a warm, temperate Mediterranean climate, which makes for beautiful beach weather. The breeze from the sea makes the temperatures pleasant and moderate during the summer.



Independent Republic since 1910.



GDP per capita is $22,900

Language: PortugueseReligion: Roman Catholic

The average temperature inthe summer is around 79 degrees, and the winter isaround 63 degrees. Portugalexperiences a rain season instead of cold temperaturesduring their winters.

Portugal was a monarchy until 1910, when the Portuguese people overthrew King Phillip's family monarchy. Portugal now, for the most part, is a stable Republic.

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    i found it interesting that christopher columbus proposed his idea to the king of portugal because i always thought that he proposed it to Spain. Portugal is like Greece because they both have a prime minister. They are very different though because it is part of the EU. I am curious to learn more about this country's culture because i did not get to learn that much from this! Very nice glog i like the format!:)