Portraying Humankind

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Portraying Humankind

A neuron helps you transmitt signal to the brain and the brain will act according to that signal. The drendrities collect signal and that signal flow through the axon as an electrical message. When the message is going to another neuron, it is being transfered into a chemical signal.

Most human tends to laugh at something funny, get mad at something they dislike, or get upset when they're disappointed. These fuctions are possible with the help of the frontal lobe.

Portraying Humankind

Humans have an "S shaped" spine that allows us to walk upright unlike dog spine which is straight.

Humans have more accurate grip than other primates, for example kangaroo because we have opposable thumbs which makes that possible.

The brain stem controls your heartbeat and breathing, and your cerebrum coordinate your movements. Cats have very big cerebellum compares to ours because they uses it most to coordinate their movement.

The frontal lobe is incharge of personality/behavior. The parietal lobe controls movements and sensory. The occipital lobe controls visions, and the temportal lobe controls memory and understanding.

A long childhood let us develope our brain faster than other animals, it is stated that a human baby has the ability to learn his/her primary language within the first 9 years after birth. In that period of time, they also develope a connection to their culture.


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