Portions Through Life

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Portions Through Life

Portions ThroughLife

By: Vanessa Romesburg

Oto 1 yearInfancy

0-6 monthsThe baby's primary need is milk.

1to2 yearsToddler

6-12 months3-4 cups milk2 cups cereal.5-1 cup fruit.25-.5 cup meatunlimited water

The infant is transitioning from a diet based of milk to a more balanced diet with all food groups.

Breakfast-1 slice of wheat bread,soft boiled egg,2 oz. OJSnack-1 medium sliced apple,2oz. whole milkLunch-1/2 peanut butter sandwich,4 baby carrots,2 oz. whole milkSnack-1/4 cup dry cereal,.5oz cheddar cheese cubesDinner-1/2 cup cooked pasta,1/2 cup sauce,1 oz. lean ground beef,3 broccoli spears, 4 oz. waterSnack-1/4 cup canned fruit cocktail,1/4 cup low fat yogurt

2to11 yearsChildhood

This stage should stress balance in the diet, the child's diet should contain the proper nutrients.

ages 4-8 somewhat active boy' girl-1400-1600age 9-13boy-1800-2200girl-1600-200

For a kid around age 8Breakfast- 1/4 cup of milk and 1/2 cup iron fortified cereal and a small apple, Oj to drinkSnack-2 ounces of cheese cubes and a bananaLunch- a sandwich made with 2 slices of whole wheat bread, a slice of cheese, lettuce and tomato , lean turkey slices Dinner-Chicken nuggets,1 cup of mac n cheese,1/2 cup of broccoli. Dessert 4oz. of yogurt and 4 oz. strawberries

2 year old calorie intakesomewhat active boy-1000-1400girl-1000-1200according to the National Institute of Health

Ages 2-11 need calcium for strong bones and iron for cognition

12to18 yearsAdolescence

12-14 year olds need 50 calories for every 2 lbs of body weight, and 14-18 year olds need less,45 calories for every 2 lbs.

NEED Nutrient Dense Foodin diet for ages 12-18!


Most of an adults height and weight is reached by age 18.

Guidelines 5 fruits and vegetables a dayavoid saturated fateat high fibereast essential fatty acidslimit carbohydratesincrease water intake-drink 8 oz. 8 times a daytake vitamin and mineral supplements

Calorie intakeSomewhat active age 19-30male-2600-2800female-2000-2200age 31-50male-2400-2600female-2000

Over 65 Elder Years

Around 15% of the US population is over 65. The metabolism has slowed even more from adulthood

Diet should be rich in fruits,vegetable,lean meats, and dairy.Fiber is neededLower fat intakeEat foods with zinc for immune systemEat calcium rich foods to decrease bone lossHave an intake of iron to prevent anemia

Calorie intake ofr over 51 yearsrange from1800 to 2400

Calorie information taken from the National Institute of Health website


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