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Portable batteries


Portable batteries

Solar portable batteries

Of course it is not an easy question to answer, as the variety of existing models is certainly wide.Personally avoid the batteries from 'unknown' brand, or stink to low quality product. As it happens with shippers, it is important that the materials used in their manufacture can properly bear the current flow, or otherwise may have problems that can even damage the phone to the full.And what brands are there? Some well known (Energizer, Duracell, Sony), others will sound (Mophie, Zag, HyperJuice) and many will surely be the first time you will read (Anker, PowerRocks, Tilt ...). Here I offer a trio of interesting models to get an idea of the price at which these accessories move:- Anker Astro E5: 39.99 euros on Amazon.- RAVPower Deluxe: 21.99 euros on Amazon.- Anker Astro Mini: 19.99 euros on Amazon.

If we go back ten years in time, the autonomy of the phones was not a problem, then offered one or even two weeks of autonomy, a deadline which in most cases was more than enough to recharge at any wall outlet .Since then things have changed. The advent of smartphones has radically changed the way we enjoyed the 'mobile', and from the first models are already beginning to guess where he was going on track this new category of technology. Many smartphones have hardly replaceable integrated battery, which can not be replaced to revitalize the device.The solution: external portable batteries.

External portable batteries are booming. Smartphones continue with terrible autonomy of one or, at most, two days in the best case, and almost without touching it. While manufacturers are investigating technologies to evolve the energy factor, what solutions do we have?Accessories such as external batteries can give that extra energy in many critical situations. They are perfect for our smartphone to continue on after long journeys or trips where we will have at our disposal a wall outlet. What characteristics are important in an external battery? What factors should be taken into account when choosing a good external battery? Both these and other questions we will discuss below.

Why ?

What battery we should buy?

External portable batteries are an economical option and can be an acceptable solution to the problem of autonomy. They are an interesting accessory for times that we will not have a wall socket available for many hours, or even days, and we need your mobile phone.



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