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Porfirio Diaz

José de la Cruz Porfirio Díaz Mori (1830-1915) was a Mexican general, President, politician and dictator.He ruled Mexico for for 35 years. (1876 to 1911). His period of rule, commonely referred to as the Porfiriato, was marked by great progress and modernization, during which he economy boomed.


Diaz is considered responsible for Industrializing Mexico. Under his hand, many projects in developing the economy were commisioned. For example, Railroads and Steam trains were built.Diaza attracted foreign investors to Mexico developing great wealth for the country.He developed a government in Mexico after years of conflict and war.

Porfirio Diaz and Capitalism for Mexico

Viva Porfirio Diaz

Life During Porfiriato

Why Capitalism?

Capitalism, the economic system of Diaz, has accounted for the increase in wealth which spurred the economy in his favor.

I am William Howard Taft the president of the United States and I support Porfirio Diaz and his ideas on capitalism

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