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World population

The world population is the number of people living on Earth at a certain year.

Population Growth

Population growth is the change in the number of population over some time.The growth of population can be positive,negative or zero.Population explosion is when there is a huge rise in the world population suddenly.A zero population growth is when the population size remain the same.

Factors affecting population growth

Birth rate and death rate is the main factor affecting population growth.The number of babies born per 1000 people per year is the birth rate.The number of people dying per 1000 people per year is the death rate.

World Birth Rate

World Death Rate

Natural Increase

Birth Rate - Death Rate = Natural IncreasePositive natural increase shows that the population increased.Negative natural increase shows that the population decreased.No natural increase shows that the population remain constantThe rate of natural increase show the average increase of population.It exclude other factors like migration which affect the population growth

The world population explosion is caused due to high birth rate and low death rate.It could happen because of the improvement of standard living,health and medical care and the increase of resources helping to improve the lifes of people

Population distribution

The way people spread out over an area of land.As seen in the world population distribution(Picture next to this),it is uneven due to physical and human factor.Physical factor affecting population distribution include the relief of land,natural resources,soil and climate.Human factor affecting population distribution includes the government and jobs.People would usually live in places with low and flat reliefs and not steep lands as this cause the avalibility of flat land for economic activities.Places with lots of natural resources would usually have people living there rather than places with poor resources as this make people rely on the natural resources making life easierPlaces with fertile soil usually have people living there rather than places with infertile soil as the fertile soil help in farming.Places with high rainfall and good weather usually have people living in rather than places with extreme weather and low rainfall as this cause the good living environment and agriculture activities.Places with good government would usually be populated rather than places without a good government as this help in the peace in the lives of people.Places with more jobs oportunity usually is densely populated rather than places with limited jobs as people may choose their favouritejobs

World population distribution

Population Density

Population density is the number of people living in n area per km squareTotal number of people/Total land area(in km square)=Population densityIf the population density is more than 200,the place is densely populated.If the population density is from 10 to 199,the place is moderately populated.If the population density is less than 10,the place is sparsely populated

Population pyramid

Population pyramid shows the number of male and female within different age groups in a population.The population is in terms of number.It can also be measured in percentage

High rate of population growth

Case Study!1)Population Growth in China2)Measures to cope with ageing population in Singapore

Low rate of population growth



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