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Social Studies
World War I

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-Gallipoli 2015-

The Poppy is a significant symbol that signals respect and acknowledgement. The symbol of remembrance became offical in the year 1920. A French women by the name of Moina Michaels conceived the idea of Poppy day. She was so touched by Lieutenant Colonel John McCrae's poem 'In Flanders fields' her response was "We shall keep the faith". These beautiful Poppies get worn on Anzac day to remember and commemorate those who fought for us.http://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news

What is the importance of a poppy?

During World War I the Poppies disappeared because of all the bombing and trampling on the battlefield. The destruction actually stopped the Poppies from growing for 4 full seasons.http://frankieflowers.com

-Fun Fact-

Poppies are red,thats what some said.Theres also orange and white,in other countries sight.But thats not all behind this beauty, theres more to be known. Continue this reading,for you will be blown.Poppies are worn to remember those who died,all the family and friends and soldiers that cried.Remembering their achievements and all things they sent,the soldiers who fought, we will never forget.Poppies are also a symbol for many things,From a symbol of sleep to a symbol of death.They also symbolize when soldiers,take their last breath.Well thats sadly the end but not all i know,ill soon return and that is so.

Written by: Leannabi

The Poppies we wear on our shirts,in remembrance are bright red with a black centre, held by a green longstem.

I have 3 relatives who fought in thearmy.William Marsters who i dontknow much about. Carl Marsters who i also not know at all. But Pitiau Iorangi i have alot knowledge about.Pitiau Iorangi is my mothers, fathers, mothers, father.(A.K.A my great great-grandfather).So my great great-grandfather fought in WWI.He fought in Gallipoli and actually returned."He survived WWI"

-My Family-



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