Popeye Pigs

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Popeye Pigs

Popeye Pigs

The process is that scientists remove spinach genes from plants. Then, they insert the genes into fertilised pig eggs. Last, it is implanted into surrogate mother pigs.The benefits of this are that the gene was found to convert about a fifth of the piglets' saturated fatty acids into healthier linoleic acids.The disadvantages are that the scientists are manipulating animals to satisfy their morbid curiosity.

Pigs implanted with spinach genes.The cause for this pig to be engineered was that people wanted to have healthier pork. So the produced pork was healthier than pork from normal pigs.The Popeye Pig has been engineered for 31 years.

An ethical issue of this may be that people may think this pork being produced is healthier for people, but they might find out later that it is not.There were no concerns about the pigs, they come out normal with no health issues. But, there is no evidence that the pork is aymore healthier than regular pork.My opinion on this is that I find it stupid. It is a waste of time to genetically modify a pig to make it healthier to eat. You can just change your diet instead if you want to eat healthier.


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