Pope John Paul II

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Pope John Paul II

Life as Pope

1946 - John Paul was ordained as a priest1958 - He became bishop of Ombi1964 - He was named Archbishop of Krakow1967- John Paul was made a cardinal 1978 - John Paul was appointed Pope. 2001- beautified and made blessed as a saint

Pope John Paul II's pontificate started in 1978, having many achievements. During his 26 years as pope, John Paul II wrote 14 encyclicals, 14 apostolic exhortations, 11 apostolic constitutions, 42 apostolic letters and 28 letters, among those the Catechism of the Catholic Church. Pope John Paul expanded the College of Cardinals. He beatified 1,342 people and canonized 482 saints, more than any other pope. The pope traveled the most widely around the world in history. He re-established unity and communications in diplomatic relations. Pope John Paul II started and promoted the youth in World Youth Days! Audiences from all over the world would also gather to see him. He was so enthusiastic and loving to all people, greeting them with hugs and personal gestures. He was the "friend" pope.

-Pope John Paul II was fluent in 8 lanuages.- Pope John Paul II survived the attempted assasination (1981) in St. Peter's Square and forgave the Turkish gunman. -Time magazine made him "Man of the Year" in 1994.

A vocal advocate for human rights, a charismatic figure, John Paul II used his influence to bring the Kingdom of God to all corners of the world. He was such a major power that he influenced politics and foriegn affairs, helping and uniting them. He had such an impact on so many Catholic people, especially the youth. The love in this man for God and His people was tremondous and he was such a positive model for the world to see.


Religious Timeline

Pope John Paul II was born on May 18, 1920 in Wadowice, Poland as Karol Jozef Wjtyla. He lived sad young life with family deaths of his brother and mother. During World War II, John Paul begant to study at a secret seminary run by the archbishop of Krakow. He was ordanied in 1946 as the first non-Italian pope in more than four hundred years. He was very significant to the Catholic church and did many things for people universally.He was pope until his death in April 2005 at the age of 84, suffering from Parkison's disease, arthritis, and other ailments for several years.


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