Pope Francis

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Pope Francis

"The new pope is a very humble man," said the Rev. Eduardo Mangiarotti, an Argentine priest. "He takes public transport every day. He is a strongly devoted man to the poorest and suffering people in his dioceses. He is a passionate preacher and a man of prayer."http://www.cnn.com/2013/03/28/world/europe/vatican-pope

Pope Francis

Humble Shepherd

Walking the walk . . . .

1936: Born Jorge Bergoglio, in Buenos Aires to immigrant parents1970: Took final vows as a Jesuit: Poverty, Obedience, Charity 2007: Address Latin American bishops, calling unequal distribution of goods a social sin2009: Called for the baptism of illuminate children even if the parents were not regular church-goers2013: Pope Francis shunned papal palace


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