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Pope Francis I

PERSON OF THE YEAR: Pope Francis I has been making people rethink what it means to be catholic. Slightly different from previous popes, Francis has been showing the world how to practice the faith. Images of him kissing the disfigured and washing the feet of juviniles has given him great popularity. Chosing to live in his own apartment, cook his own meals, and drive himself from place to place, people of all nations and faiths are looking to him as a figure of humility and kindness. In the face of all of today's problems and questions, the pope has answered and responded faithfully. He has created a change in the hearts and minds of many, and challenges all catholics and others to be Jesus's hands and feet on Earth.

QUICK FACTS- Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina on Dec. 17, 1936- Ordained (became a priest) at age 33- Before he was elected pope, he served as the Archbishop of Buenos Aires from 1998-2013- He was also a cardinal of the Roman Catholic Church from 2001-2013- Elected Supreme Pontiff on March 13, 2013 - First pope from the Americas to lead the church

POPE FRANCIS 1:Jorge Mario Bergoglio

Brief SummaryPope Francis was born in Buenos Aires to Italian immagrints Mario and Regina Sivori Bergoglio. He graduated as a chemical technician, and then chose the path of priesthood instead. After studing around the area, he was ordained by Archbishop Ramón José Castellano on Dec. 13, 1969. After finishing his studies, he made his final profession with the Jesuits in 1973. After many years working in parishes, he was appointed Archbishop after the death of the previous Cardinal whom he worked with and later was made a Cardinal by Pope John Paul II. He is known as a very humble, pious man to all who know him.

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