Popculture in the 1930s

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Popculture in the 1930s

A lot of experimental telecasts took place in the early 1930s, like radio networks such as CBS and NBC, they soon became competitors. Many movies also becoame popular during tis time.

In the 1930s white actors preformed as black men. They were mocking African Americans in theater.

Jazz started with it's popularity the 1930s because of the growing of the diverse population.

Kansas City was an early "hot spot" for entertainers of all sorts. Musicians from New Orleans came by riverboat

POPCULTURE IN THE 1930'S by: Amber Krasnansky, Therese Manzanero, Sanjana Kottapalli, Varun Vivekanandan.

In To Kill a Mocking Bird by Harper Lee, Scout and Jem were talking about people and characters in movies and books that were popular during their time. Such as: The works od Oliver OpticVictor AppletonEdgar Rice BurroughsTarzanMr. Crabtree in The Rover BoysMr. Damon in Tom Swift

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This is Hattie McDaniel the first African American woman to win an Academy Award for her role as Mammy in Gone with the Wind. A turning point for black people in pop culture.


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