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Is this real?

What is happening inside of a pop-up?

Their isn`t a criminal in your computer but one could be hacking it .Pop-ups are made by people that want to do bad things to your files and steal your personal information and should not be allowed because it is robbery.

Pop-upsThis poster will tell you ways to avoid getting into a mess with popups. Popups are frauds and lies that try to make the person targeted give them something, usually important details about the person being fooled for the profit of the pop-up creators like bank account details or personal things about the person being tricked like your phone number, email adress, your house and your full name.If you see something like the images on this page, do not get sucked into putting in personal details or you could end up paying lots of money without knowing or somebody could pose as you. This is not something you want to happen to you. It should be reported and closed before it tempts you into putting personal things in it in the hopes it will give you something. If it seems to good to be true it is because it usually is.

In the bottom right corner underneath the ipod touch is the words "(may not be exactally as shown)". This is the sort of things all frauds have but not all are this easy to spot so you should alwasy be careful because even if you can`t see it it easily it could still be there.

Can you spot the fraud here?

They are trying to make money from posing as people to get information about them to make money or pretend to be you.

if you give your phone number very bad things could happen.

They won`t be so "easy" on your personal information. it should not be clicked on for your own good.

Its is a lie to find out information about people.

You wouldn`t allow someone stealing from you so why allow popups? your information and sometimes all the money in your bank account can be stolen. popups should not be allowed and should be reported and closed.

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