Pooja Kumar - Future Application of Superconductors

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Pooja Kumar - Future Application of Superconductors

As there is no rotor there is higher efficiency, especailly under partial-load condition, where many ships operate for the great majority of their operating hours. With the improved effiency, comes a longer cruising range and greater fuel economy, making it cheaper and value for money, which is something that many people like when booking holidays

HTS Marine Ship Propulsion Systems

Thank you Mr. Bardeen

From Mr. Bardeen's work on supercondutors, it has allowed ship designers to adopt electric propulsion systems and enhance then with the power of superconductors.

This is one of the most important changes in ship designs since diesel engines

HTS Motors and Generators

The large size and heavy weight conventional copper-based electrical propulsiom motors and generators has been a difficult obstacle for the adaptation of electricual propulsion. However HTS motors and generators are much smaller and lighter than your convnetional propulsiom motors, as protoypes are 1/3 of the size and weight and much quieter, meaning a better and more relaxing cruise ! Look at the video and see how smooth the operation is for HTS motors

The smaller and lighter motors, allows ships to go into shallower ports than ships with conventional motors due to greater flexibility and maneurvability with the smaller motor. By being able to go to more ports, commerical ships can gain more money by being able to go to more places which are in demands by society, and navy ships can access more ports when in combat or even when on retreat

As HTS motors are much smaller than the conventional ones it allows more space on the ship for either more weapons for navy ships and more people for commerical ships, which in turn increases the economic value of travelling on ships, which is a positive outcome for society


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