Pontiac's War

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Pontiac's War

Pontiac became a historical leader after his attempt to bring tribes together and fight the British to protect Native people, and their land.

Fast Facts - Ottawa Indian Tribe was ruled by Chief Pontiac. - Pontiac belived that the British were a threat to all Indian nations and formed a rebellion against them.-In 1763 Pontiac arranged his Ottawa tribe along with other tribes in the Great Lakes Region to fight the British.

Pontiac's WarBy: Kenzie Rocchi

This is Chief Pontiac

Ottawa Indians during the Battle

The war lasted a few years but the Native's were successful in bringing 9/11 British forts down, and destroying them.

Took place after the French and Indian war which lasted from 1754 to 1763 Britian gained most control over most of the territories in North America

The Native's then turned to the German to help, which they did, but they passed on Small Pox, causing many to die.

Pontiac's last attempt to taking out the Brittish took place at Fort Detroit, which lasted several days, and with such little amounts of support, Pontiac was not sucessful, and was forced to back down.

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