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Pompeii(City in Italy)

The soil near Mt Vesuvius was great for growing grapes and olive trees because of the previous eruption. Mt Vesuvius is about 17,000 years old and has erupted about 50 times. The ruins of Pompeii are a great tourist attraction and about 2.6 illion people visit them each year.

Pompeii is a city located near Mt Vesuvius. Mt Vesuvius hadnt erupted in 1,800 years so the people in Pompeii didnt know it was a volcano. At the time of there was 15,00 people living in Pompeii and about 2,000 peopledied during the eruption.


Another street in Pompeii

A narrow street in Pompeii

This is was found in the ruins of Pompeii after the vocanic eruption

Archiologists found adults covering children to try and protect them.

The volcanic eruption

Archiologists found out lots of remains from humans and animals


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