Pompeii & Vesuvius

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Pompeii & Vesuvius

The population of Pompeii was not alarmed when they felt the earth tremor on the 23rd and 24th of August because earthquakes were common in the region. That is why, up to 20,000, individuals did not evacuate the city.

Other Cities Affected-Hurculanium-Nuceria

79 CE Eruption*Pliny wrote an account of the eruption.* It was believed originally that the eruption was on August 24. New research places the eruption in September or October.*The eruption was accompanied by a mild Tsunami


Mt. VesuviusEruption

Mt. Vesuvius is the only volcano on mainland Europe to have erupted within the last 100 years.

When the ancient city of Pompeii was discovered excavation began. Giuseppe Fiorelli took charge of excavations in 1863. He discovered that in the voids of the ashes were human remains. He poured plaster into the voids to re-create the forms.

Frozen in Time

Caught by Surprise

Other Vesuvius Eruptions

Since the eruption of 79CE Vesuvius has erupted 3 dozen times. The last of which was in 1944



Naples lies in the Vesuvius region.

The area affected by the 79 CE Vesuvius eruption


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