Pompeii Eruption

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Pompeii Eruption





The people and residents of Pompeii thought that Mt. Vesvius was a mountain, not a volcano. A main reason for this is that the inhabitants had never seen or heard of an erupting volcano. When it erupted nobody survived to tell others that it was a volcano.

The eruption that occured at Pompeii was a plinian eruption. A major factor in the power of the eruption is the longer a volcano sleeps the more powerful the eruption is likely to be. You can tell because during a plinian eruption it is loud, can be forcefull enough to blow tops of volcanos off, sends a lot of ash into the air, can cause land slides, and flings lava and debris into the air.

Suprisingly, it wasn't the lava that killed the people. They were killed by the raining debris. The debris and the whole volcano went off for 19 hours. The people who tried to run away as well as the people who took cover were rained apon with debris that trapped them and buried them.

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The smell of sulfur was like the smell of rotten eggs. Imagine that smell mixed with something that smells like car exaughst. Then not being able to excape that smell, and you can imagine what the people in pompeii were going through.

This is a picture of Mt. Vesvius today.

Overall, this eruption was different then others because it wasn't lava that came over this city, it was debris and ash. A whole city dead and buried because of the eruption of one volcano.


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