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Environmental Studies

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Atmospheric Pollution: the presence in the atmosphere of substances that cause a risk to human beings and generally living beings. It may be due to natural processes such as volcanic eruptions but mostly occurs by the use of fossil fuels in industrial processes generate air pollution.

Pollution is a negative alteration of the natural state of the environment and mainly, human activity has a lot to do with it. Man with his lifestyle, large crowd of emitted pollutants such as chemicals (pesticides, cyanide, herbicides, heavy metals, dioxins, etc..), Generated municipal waste, petroleum gases and other pollutants responsible for phenomena such as acid rain, the hole in the ozone layer and global warming.


Soil Pollution: the presence of pollutants in the terrestrial crust that prevents the natural development and equilibrium. The source may be common to water adding extensions exploiting cultivation, mining causing desertification and modification fauna and florea life ecosystem.

Water pollution Water: Is the abundance of harmful substances in rivers, seas, lakes that they can not absorb and recycle for balance. The source may be naturally through the decomposition of organic materials and minerals. On the other hand the action of human and influential through discharges of highly toxic pesticides, fertilizers, trash and fuel being.

*Think before throwing anything away and see if you can reuse, recycle, repair, or if it can be useful for someone else. *Don't use your car when not needed. *Separate waste selectively organize it and put it in places that are destined for recycling. *Rationally use the water. *Don't use disposable items *Do not waste energy. Turn the lights off and do not use electrical appliances.

What can we do to prevent pollution?

Main types of contamination


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