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Human Influence on Ecology

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Sodium chloride and herbicides may kill plants. Also, Ozone may kill plants by bloking the stomata.

Acid rain is killing our trees. Mud that is used for construction is also killing our plants.

Pollution is killing our plants

How is pollution affecting our plants?


How is pollution affecting our animals?

Pollution is killing our animals

The worst types of pollution for animals are air, water, and noise pollution.

There are poisened soils and waterways that animlas drink from. People lack clean water. These chemicals are making our animals die and this could affect us in the long run.

Animals can get lung cancer and other diseases from air pollution.

How is pollution affecting humans?

Humans are getting asthma, heart problems, respritory inflamation, endorcrine and reproductive systems, risk of cancer, and other diseases from air pollution.

The chemicals we are using to harm our earth is limiting and killing our food. These chemicals are also damiging our immune systems.

Pollution is harming humans

What are the main things we are doing to pollute our world?

-Manufactoring activity-Burning fossil fuels-Household and farming chemicals-Indoor air pollution-Waste recycling-Littering

-Using too much light-Not re-using things-Vehicals exhausting 60% of all the carbon monoxide to surface water, ground water, and land.


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